About Us

Hey, Welcome to LitterboxHub!

We love pets, and are the proud owners of Lily(cat) and Jack(dog)! They are just like our family members, and so it is our duty to offer them just the best when it comes to nurturing and health.

Now, just like humans Dog do have their moody days and they even crave for attention and care. So, if you have decided to adopt a pet, then there are different aspects like their food, pet care, sleeping preferences, etc that you need to look upon.

We are here to help you out with this exact thing.

What do we do?

People find it difficult to choose the Best Dog Products at affordable rates. I have personally asked some of my pet-owner friends on their way of choosing pet products.

A common answer among all was, ‘It’s tough! You never know which thing works the best for your pet.’

I know the frustration with that! But no worries about it!

Our team at LitterboxHub work at providing the best pet care solutions, and we assure that all your questions get answered. If there is any query that we haven’t responded, you can contact us personally too.

Founders of LitterboxHub

So, it was started by two friends Lauren Billups & Sharon Doyle. This 3 year old website was their dream, as they always wanted to have a blog of their own. Sharon adds, “It couldn’t have been possible without the strong determination of Sharon. Even though I gave the idea, it was she who helped with the execution. We are happy with the outcome.”

If you have a connection with the pets or have a pet – then do subscribe for the feeds. It’s Free, and Informative!

– Lauren, Team LitterboxHub