10 Top Picks for the Best Cat Blogs of 2020

Owning a pet offers us with a lot of many benefits. Due to similar reasons, people have pets at their home. With this compilation on, 10 Top Picks for the Best Cat Blogs of 2020 – LitterBoxHub we are going to guide you to the topmost blogs, referring which you can gather a lot of valuable information about your cat. For the people who are owning or are planning to own a cat, referring these blogs will surely be a good idea.

Best Cat Blogs of 2020– Our top 10 Picks

Here are our top 10 picks for the Best Cat Blogs of 2020. Kindly go through these blogs and gather the valuable information so as to take a proper care of your cat.

I have Cat, Single in the City, With Cats

Tamar is a blogger as well as a proud cat owner of 30 years age, who is residing in the New York City. She writes about his own experience with her cats, who live with her in her own flat. Tamar proudly says, that men come and go, but the cat stays forever. We can also notice her love for cats, from the jacket she is wearing which is made out of cat fur.


Katzenworld is a UK Based Cat blog. A group of 10 friends with a common interest, i.e. love for the cats are efficiently running this blog. These bloggers are Alice, Karen, Zooey, Carol, Charlotte, Lisa, Laura, Iain and Mark Andre. With their expertise in handling and dealing with the cats, these bloggers provide us with a one-stop solution for getting all the information regarding our cats.

Living with LouLou

Living with Loulou is another unique Cat Blog you can find. From the mind of a French writer, you can find a lot of interesting stuff on this blog. This stuff includes Food for your cat, some cat drawings from various artists, a long list of some aspiring cat bloggers and a lot more. In this manner, it becomes a valuable blog for all the cat lovers around the world.


Having many awards and credentials on their name, the Dezizworld is among the Best Cat Blogs of 2020. Started in February 2018, it is a US Based blog about the cat Dezi. There are other cats too in her world. Apart from the valuable information, you can also find cat videos on this blog. Hence, while going through this blog will get you access to many interesting data.

The Purrington Post

The Purrington Post is a having a long list of contributors and experts who provide valuable outputs to the users worldwide. Their team includes Odysseus, Atchoum, Sir Archibald, Bobby, Ollie Einsteye, Dezi, Otitis, Hugh, Panther, Olive & Rye, BenBen, Izzy & Zoë, Snagglepuss and Graveskull. In this blog, you can also shop some exciting items for your cat. They also organize competitions from time to time so as to honor the cat lovers.

Covered in the Cat Hair

The Covered in the Cat Hair is not only just a Cat Blog but also a mission for the rights of the cat. Robin Alson is the blogger of this blog, who doesn’t need to prove his love for the cats. In this blog, he provides the information about the rescue operations he has undertaken so as to save the cats. If you want to make a donation to him, then this facility is also available on this blog.

The Ways of Cat Blog

Pamella Merrit is a cat lover who came into contact with the cats in her adulthood. The Ways of Cat Blog is an idea she got for showing her love towards the cat. She also initiates in carrying out various cat rescue operations. Moreover, you can also make donations to the cats through this platform. In this blog, you can find important instructions that you need to follow while carrying out rescue operations and other essential cat stuff.

Rascal and Rocco

Rascal and Rocco is a platform for all the animal and pet lovers out there. If you are a writer, then even you can submit your opinions and experience on this platform. They are a part of many animal welfare initiatives. As well as, users from all over the world share their experiences, making all the kind of information readily available.

Love Meow Cat

If you are fond off the cat stories, then Love Meow Cat is your one stop solution for getting them. Here in this blog, you will get many exciting stories about the pets from the pet owners worldwide. You will surely love to read about the cozy moments and unique stories that you will get on this platform.

We’re All About The Cats

We’re All About The Cats is a blog completely dedicated to the cats. You will find each and every aspect with regards to your cat in this blog. There is also an information regarding various cat related accessories such as carriers, wheels, collars and a lot more. Even you will also get important information regarding the cat breeds and their other physical aspects. In this way, this blog will provide you with all the thing that you require to keep in mind while dealing with a cat.