Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats in 2020

Are you an owner of Multiple Cats? facing issues of a Litter box for multiple cats? Read our Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats reviews for an easy escape. Check out our Top Recommendations for 2020 in this category. We have listed out the products regarding quality, performance and keeping the user reviews with it.

Among all the Litter Box for Multiple Cats, Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box ranks the best product. Along with the Best in performance, it is economical and provides the best privacy for the cat while using it.

The next recommendation will be ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box. This product makes use of crystal litter which is best for odor absorption and helps in keeping the unit fresh for a longer duration.

The Winners in 2020: Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Our Team reviewed the best-selected items which will be helpful to you with your day to day problems including Litter issues f Multiple Cats. If it sounds like your issue, read our guide made by the owner of Multiple Cats.

#1 Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats

The Hagen CatIt Hooded unit provides a complete privacy to the cat. Along with providing the privacy, the litter is retained well in the litter box. This hood lifts up, and this way you can clean the box quickly. Here you will find one anchor, which can be used for keeping the box open. This way you could clean the system using the free hand. The size makes it the perfect litter box for multiple cats.

Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats Reviews

Here you will find filter made of carbon, which acts best for trapping bad odor within the box. Space which is found to be open in this has got the dimension of 10.4 inches x 9.6 inches. As we are dealing with the multiple cats household here, this product stands the best choice you can make.

Key Features

The main characteristic of the litter box is the privacy maintained in it. You will get to use a large hood which provides excellent privacy to your pet. Privacy is one of the main properties that a cat look for while doing the activity.

Also because of the presence of this hood, you can easily lift it up and clean the litter box. Therefore the hood helps in the best way for cleaning the box. This product has got a carbon filter in it, which tries to remove the odor.

If you have got multiple cat households, then this litter box for multiple cats can help you out effectively. Also if you are going to order this unit from Amazon, then you could get a free sample of Magic Blue Filters with this.

Dimensions & Specifications

The dimension of the product is given by 22 x 17 x 18.3 in inches. The weight of the product is 5 pounds. You can provide the right kind of privacy with this hooded litter box offered by CatIt Design Jumbo. The cat can enter through a removable clear door in this.

The carbon filter used in this helps in keeping the litter box fresh all the time. The hood provided in this unit can be lifted up while cleaning the box. You will receive one handle to lift the hood here. Also, one anchor is present in this, which helps in keeping your hands free for the scooping activity.

The unit is found to be apt for those having large cats or multiple cats households.


    • The product is cost-friendly in nature. Thus it is easily affordable for almost all the buyers
    • A large hood structure found here provides privacy to the cat

A carbon filter keeps the system odor-free

  • nd cleaning this litter box is easy to do the ask


  • This unit requires a lot of cat litter for the right functioning
  • It does not have any bag for garbage collection, so you need to make the arrangements of disposing waste

The ratings of the Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats have been excellent! This product has been reviewed by almost 2000+ users on Amazon, and more than half of them have given full stars for this. Also being an affordable option, this is the best deal you can make for your multiple cat litter management.

#2 Litter Robot III Open Air

This unit is a self-cleaning litter box. And the Litter Robot III makes the task of caring your cat easier. It is manufactured by Litter Robot who have been a people’s favorite for more than 15 years. And now they are back with a new product which is a litter system with open air feature in it.

Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning litter box reviews

You will find many unique features of Litter Robot III Open Air useful when using it for multiple cats. One such feature is the timer which takes note of the time after the cat leaves the box. After the litter box finds that the cat has left the unit for a fixed period, the automatic cleaning cycle begins.

Key Features

Here we will note down some of the key features of this product. The main feature remains the self-cleaning property of this litter box. This box can be used for multiple cat households too. This helps in saving a lot, almost upto 50% of the cost is saved while using this unit.

The litter box for multiple cats system comes with a 90 days cash back guarantee with it. And also it comes with an 18-month product warranty too. This makes sure that the odor is in control within the litter box. The entry way is found to be huge here. Thus it makes an easy for the cat to enter and leave the box.

The next key feature included in this is the night light feature. This light gets lit up in the night so that the cat can use the system even when there is no available light in the surrounding. Also, the build is found to be a durable one. Thus it won’t require much investment for maintenance.


The dimension of the unit is given as 26.8 x 24.4 x 29.1 in inches. The weight of the product is found to be 23.2 pounds. This litter box does not require any extra accessory for using this unit. There is one more feature newly added in this, which is the full drawer indicator.

The color of the indicator is blue, and it gets lit up when the waste drawer is full. This sends the signal to the user that it is time to clear out the waste from the unit. You will get to use the 8 hours sleep mode in this, and this helps in saving a lot of power during the night. This feature is optional, but you can use this feature when there is no need of litter box while using it for multiple cats.

You will get to use an adjustable cycle timer in this. You can set the timer for 3,7 or 15 minutes after the cat has used the litter system. As soon as this time passes after the cat has left the product, the cleaning cycle begins soon after that.


  • This litter box does not require any additional accessory for running this machine
  • The system comes with an 18 months warranty, and a 90 days cash-back feature
  • Cleaning cycle can be adjusted here, depending on your cat’s time of leaving the box
  • You will get to use the nightlight feature, which helps the cat during night time


  • The quality of the litter box is found to be low, for the investment made

Overall the product has received a positive response. But still, we have found some mixed reviews a well. The unit is costly compared to the previous product. Amazon Ratings of this litter box is pretty good.

#3 ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The basic working process of this box is to fill the cat litter, leave it for a week time, and then dispose of it. Then replace it with a new cat litter. This is the only process you need to perform while using this litter box. Litter used in this unit is different compared to the other cat litters.

ScoopFree Litter Box for Multiple cats

The litters used here are crystals which absorb urine, and also removes the odor found within it. Thus it helps in maintaining the freshness of the box.

Key Features

You do not require to perform any task of scooping, refilling or cleaning while dealing with this system. The litter used here are the crystal litter, which has got a unique feature of absorption in it. Thus ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box for multiple cats remove any moisture if found, and helps in keeping the unit dry and fresh.

This litter box comes with a covered case, which stores the solid waste. Thus you won’t have to touch or see the smelly waste. It is recommended to use a leak-proof tray for disposing of the waste, to perform a hygienic cleanup of the cat litter system.

You can also make use of an Anti-Tracking Mat, which pairs best with this ScoopFree Litter Box. For clean up process, you need to simply place a lid on the disposable tray, and throw it away. In this way, your cat can enjoy the clean environment which they will love it.


The product dimension is given by 27.4 x 19 x 7 in inches. The weight of the litter system is around 18 pounds. Also, the crystal litter used in this are five times more capable of removing odor compared to the usual clay litters.

You will get 1 Litter Scent, and one disposable litter tray along with this ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box. The working of this product is simple, where first you have to load the disposable tray with the scent litters. Then leave the unit for maximum one week, then dispose of this tray with closing it with a lid.

Then place another new tray with the fresh litters. This way you can clean up the litter box without actually seeing or touching it. And this way the cleanliness is also maintained, keeping your cat healthy.


  • You can easily clean the unit, with the simple disposing technique of cat waste
  • You won’t find any nasty smell while dealing with this litter box
  • The cats have been reportedly loving this unit.


  • Maintenance is considered to be costly since the refill tray is pricey here
  • This unit is preferred more for single cat household than the multiple cat home

The product has been doing good with the Amazon ratings. This unit is the affordable one out of all the units listed in this compilation.

Here we are concluding the post on Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats. We hope this post in making some selection for your cat. Feel free to share your opinions regarding the content we post right here. Also, you can share the product you are using for your cat. Till then, keep visiting us on LitterBox Hub.