21 Cat Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many cat facts that cat owners must know. But we present 21 interesting cat facts which will astonish you for sure.

We, Humans, behave in a different way in different kind of circumstances. In the same way, our cat also has a different kind of behavior. Here in our present compilation on, 21 Cat Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know | Interesting Facts we are going to explain you about some facts about your pet, you probably didn’t know till now. With this article, you will get some useful information that might be helpful to you while treating your cat.

Cat Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know – Top 21 Unknown Facts

Here are some of the unknown Cat Facts, that we will uncover today before you. Kindly go through them and know about the cats in a better way.

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1. Cats keep their head straight while catching the preyCats keep their head straight while catching the prey

While most of we humans or dogs bow our head down while we are going to catch someone i.e. our prey. The cats keep their head at an above level.

2. They can survive a fall from height

They can survive a fall from height

The cat isn’t afraid of heights. There are many noticeable incidents where the cat has survived the falls even from the height of 320 meters. They can easily balance their eyes and legs and make themselves safe during a fall.

3. While getting down from a tree…..

While getting down from a tree

When getting down from the tree, the cat can’t keep their feet in front. They have to turn back and come down keeping the weight on their feet.

4. Their sleeping ability

sleeping ability

The cat spends 66% of their life in sleep. It depicts that if the cat’s life is of 9 years, she has spent 6 years of its life in just sleep.

5. And when the cat is waking up, it spends its time in

when the cat is waking up

While the cat is awakening, at that time it spends 66% of its life cleaning itself. The cat rubs itself so as to get rid of the smell of humans or others from its body.

6. Some cat also got a chance to be a Mayor

Some cat also got a chance to be a Mayor

There is also an instance when a Cat became the Mayor of Talkeetna for 15 years, in the state of Alaska. One another cat ran for the post of Mayor in 2013 in the Mexico City.

7. Health benefits of having a Cat

There are plenty of health benefits of having a cat. It can easily detect deadly diseases like cancer. Moreover, owning a cat reduces the risk of heart attack by almost 30%.

8. Even Wikipedia loves cats

Wikipedia loves cats

You can determine the love for cats among people with this instance. As the Wikipedia is also having a recording of a cat meowing on its webpage. This is the craze of cat prevailing among people.

9. And when the Cat became an Astronaut

Cat became an Astronaut

In the year of 1963, French Scientists had sent a cat in space for the first time. Its name was Felicette, but later it became famous as Astrocat.

10. Even they communicate with us

they communicate with us

You might be thinking the cat meowing is just a normal thing. But, when a cat meows, you must know that it is trying to communicate with its master. Hence, if your cat meows next time, you must give her attention.

11. Running Capacity of the Cat

Running Capacity of the Cat

The cat is having a tremendous running capacity. It can travel at the speed of 49 KM/h. Making it one of the quickest running mammals on the planet.

12. Cat’s Brain

There is not much of a difference in between the mind of a cat and a human. Both of them are having similar kind of emotions. Furthermore, the cat’s IQ is comparatively more than that of a dog.

13. Their Jumping capacity

Their Jumping capacity

And when it comes to jumping, the cat can jump up to 5 times of its own height. Hence, even though your cat is at a distance, it can reach you in a single jump within no time.

14. Cat Hates Water

Cat Hates Water

One thing you must know clearly. Your cat hates water and it hates water more than anything. Perhaps, the main reason for the cat hating water is the kind of skin that it is possessing.

15. Cat and it’s nine lives

Because of its body structures, construction of muscles etc. It is believed that the cat has nine lives. The cat can survive deadly falls and other such incidents.

16. Their Hearing Ability

Their Hearing Ability

The listening capacity of the cat is also tremendous. It can easily listen to the ultra frequency sound alike we humans. Making it’s hearing ability even more than humans.

17. Humans have fingerprint, While Cats have nose print

Cats have nose print

As we Humans have a unique fingerprint, Likewise cats are having a unique nose print. You can easily differ your cat from the other with their nose print.

18. Cats are for Introverts

Cats are for Introverts

It is believed that most of the cat owners in the world are introverts. 11% people in the USA are cat owners. Surprisingly, 11% people in the USA are also introverts. Isn’t that Amazing?

19. They also read your mind

They read your mind

There are many instances when the people have accepted that their cat is reading their cat. It can easily identify that what their master is going through and rub its body against the human for making him calm.

20. Cats have 230 Bones

Cats have 230 Bones


We, humans, are having 206 bones in our body. But, there are 230 bones in the cat’s body. Due to this, its body becomes a lot flexible and it can go through small spaces with an ease.

21. 100 different types of sounds

While a dog is capable of making only 10 types of sounds, the cat can make 100 different types of sounds. You will surely love listening to them.

With the present comprehensive article on, 21 Cat Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know we have uncovered some those parts you probably didn’t know about the cat. We hope that this article on Cat Facts will influence your doubts and you will treat your cat in a perfect manner.