How to deal with Cat Litter and Pregnancy together?

How to deal with Cat Litter and Pregnancy together?

Handling cat litter for a pregnant lady is entirely difficult. But the main fear which lies here is related to the infection caused by the cat litter. This virus is named as Toxoplasmosis, and it could be spread through birds and animals.

Here we would like to highlight this disease in brief and list out some tips which I had followed personally too.

Cat Litter and Pregnancy

How to deal with Cat Litter and Pregnancy

Cats get infected with a parasite, and this leads to Toxoplasmosis. This mainly occurs when the cat gets in contact with the user, after having infected raw meat or any other animal.

The user can make sure that the cat is having its own cat food, and no other food product. We will check out some tips, which can be followed for maintaining the cleanliness, and also keep your baby healthy.

  1. Wash your hands properly, before you get in contact with your meal. This includes fruits, raw meat, and many others.
  2. Talking about the food habits, you must prefer well-cooked one or the frozen meat. Avoid dry meat, and one such example is Beef Jerky.
  3. Women who have got a cat at their home, they must avoid cleaning the litter by their own. Ask out for some assistance, and let the other person do the litter cleaning work.
  4. Now cat poops will be found in gardens easily, so make sure that you use hand gloves and then do the particular task which deals with the ground soil.
  5. Next point to note here is that you need to stop drinking unclean water. Always prefer Good Quality water, during this pregnancy period.
  6. If you prefer to have some fruits from your home garden, then you have to clean them properly, and you are all set to go!
  7. Raw meat should not be eaten by the cat, kindly note this point!
  8. Avoid the task of feeding your cat during this time.
  9. The litter box must be cleaned and replaced on a daily basis. The reason is that Toxoplasmosis parasite becomes infective within two days of time.
  10. It is preferred that you keep the cat indoors more often, thus reducing the parasite attacks.

These are the simple yet useful tips, which can help you in giving the right protection during the pregnancy period.

What is Toxoplasmosis?

Toxoplasmosis is a disease which is mainly spread via animals, and the main acting force here is the Protozoan virus named as Toxoplasma Gondii. The various places through which this virus can hit you include raw meat, and also through the soil.Toxoplasmosis

This is a symptom-less disease, some people get the mild illness, while some of them don’t have any symptom.

The other serious issue related to this condition is that, if the mother is infected, there are chances that the baby could get infected via the mother.

It is a serious issue, yet with all the right precautions and tips, you could easily tackle the problem. Also, there are extreme cases, where the doctor suggests to keep the cats away from the pregnant ladies.

Toxoplasmosis Treatment

If you are healthy by nature, then the Toxoplasmosis won’t affect you much. You won’t need any medicine as such for the treatment. While others with low immunity power will require taking some medications.

Now, for the pregnant woman, you will need some medication for the treatment purpose too. In most cases, spiramycin is prescribed, which is an anti-biotic. This medicine helps with providing a protective layer near the fetus, through which the parasite can get into.

This was all about the Toxoplasmosis treatment, and it is highly recommended to undergo the treatment if you are infected with the parasite. Since it will provide the best protection for your baby.

Hope you all found this post interesting on how to deal with Cat Litter and Pregnancy. Toxoplasmosis is a serious issue, which all the pregnant women should seriously note about. Take proper treatment for a healthy life, and healthy baby!

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