7 Cat Sounds and What They Mean Actually | CATS MEOWING

Find a list of various cat sounds and what it means for them. You can understand exact Cats Meowing and the hidden meaning in it.

We all are having a different kind of reactions, in different circumstances. The same kind of thing happens in the case of animals. Here is our article on, 7 Cat Sounds and What They Mean Actually | CATS MEOWING in which we are going to explain about the various moods of a cat, according to the sound that they are making. Kindly go through this article and understand the different types of moods of cats.

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Here are the different types of sounds which the cat makes. Kindly go through these sounds, and determine what is the mood of the cat according to the kind of sound that it is making.


You wouldn’t notice an adult kitten making this noise. Generally, small kittens meow at each other. Whereas, the adult ones meow at the human. The main purpose of their meowing is to crave the attention of one another. There are also differences prevailing among the kind of meows from the cats. However, only the person who listens to them can figure it out. Hence, if you are a cat owner you can easily determine that what does your cat is expecting from you.


This is not a common sound which a cat produces. You can only notice it if you are too much careful regarding the sound which your cat is making. Generally, this sound comes out in between a meow and a purr. As per our discussion with most of the cat owners, they say that their cat makes this sound as a form of a greeting. If the cat notices a familiar face coming towards them, then they start making this sound for getting their attention towards itself.


PurrWhile your cat is purring, it indicates the feeling of comfort it is having. However, there might be differences existing among the time when the cat is making a purring sound. Purring is also an act of self-healing for the cat. The frequency of the sound while the cat is purring generally amounts to 25 cycles per second. At this frequency, the cat gets a message on its internal organs. This provides it with a lot of comforts and a sigh of relief.


ChatterYour cat is a beast of prey. They often love chasing and getting prey and eating it. Very often it might occur that your cat is sitting inside the house near a window, looking at the outside sceneries. At that time, she might notice its prey but it couldn’t reach it out. Hence, it starts making a chattering sound which indicates the frustration of not reaching out to its prey. It might also make this sound as a signal of the excitement of watching its food.


GrowlWell, if your cat is making this sound then you surely need to be careful. Growl indicates that the cat is in a fiery mood and if you are not stopping to tease her, then she might attack you any moment. This is a warning sound for the opponents. Hence, once the cat makes this sound, you must leave the cat alone. Otherwise, it might attack you.


HissThere are generally two kinds of hiss that we can notice. It can be either loud or soft. Depending on the variety of circumstances, the hiss indicates that the cat is either too angry or frighten about anything. When you notice your cat is making this sound, you must try to calm them. You can also try giving them some space which can enhance the comfort to them.


CaterwaulWhen the cat is making this sound, it signals that it is crying because of heat. Therefore, if your cat is making this sound, then you must try to keep it calm and make it sure that it gets a calm feel of your hands. This will remove the negative vibes it is having in mind and also reduce the fear that it is having. However, you also require noticing the physical characteristics of the cat before coming out to any outcome. It will give you the perfect analyzation.


Hereby in our article on, Cat Sounds and What They Mean Actually | CATS MEOWINGwe have given an overview of the cat’s mood depending on the type of sound that they are making. We hope that this compilation of Cat Sounds and What They Mean Actually will be helpful to you for determining the behavior of your cat.
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