Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box Reviews

Looking for Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box? Read our Reviews & Comparision which will help you with Catgenie Reviews known for self-washing. Are you looking out for a detailed review on Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box Review? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide you with a complete review of the same, and all the necessary information related to this product.

So you decided to get a cute kitten for you, and now it has grown up and started littering up everywhere.

Then it is time to get one Litter Box for your cat. Here we have brought to you one such Box review so that you could decide on your own about the product. Keep reading to know more about this machine.

Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box Reviews

This system is different and is not a regular litter box. In most of the litter boxes, the user has to do the cleaning process on their own, but this is a Self-Flushing product. This means the Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box works on it own and handles the cat litter. Thus the user does not have to perform any job, and just relax while the product does the work!

CatGenie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

Another point to note here is that the Cat Box does not use real litter instead it uses litter-like granules which are permanent in nature. These granules are dust-free in nature and are also washable.


If you consider the Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box, at the first look itself you will find the product to be sturdy. Also durable materials are used in the making of this system. The enclosure found in this product is made up of solid plastic, and the motor is also rightly designed to handle high pressure.

Talking about the space within the litter box, this product is spacious from inside. This box can be used for large sized cats, and also multiple household cats. The system has got high walls in it, and this prevents the cat from throwing off litter outside the box.

The dimension of the product is given as 24.5 x 19.2 x 21 in inches. And the weight is given as 26 pounds.

Considering the dimensions, we have to admit that the Catgenie Cat Box is large in size compared to other Litter Boxes. So, you need to make sure that you have got plenty of room for keeping this unit for your cat.

You will find a push button here, which can be easily used for operating the complete unit. Reportedly, the installation of the product is not as easy as you may feel, however, the working and the connection with the water line can be set up quickly.

The process of installation does not require many tools, and there are fewer complications too.


Here we will check out the complete steps which are performed while using the Catgenie Self Flushing Litter Box. And they are as follows:

  1. Just set up the unit, preferably in the laundry area with cold water in the supply valve. And the second pipe can be connected with the sewer pipe directly. This is the first step that needs to be performed before getting started with the product.
  2. Next step is to place the biodegradable granules within the litter box.
  3. After this, water has to be dripped down through the granules, and it will get mixed with a special solution which is placed in the base of the product. The solution present within the unit is called SaniSolution.
  4. When you set the automated cleaning process in the system, the base of the system starts to rotate and along with this, the granules are filtered. So both the processes are performed simultaneously. Here the filtration is done using a scooper, and it helps in filtering out solid waste from the system.
  5. This solid waste is mixed with the SaniSolution, and this way liquefaction process takes place within the Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box system. After this process, the waste is thrown out from the sewer pipe.
  6. Then the litter is cleaned and disinfected for the next use. After this, the blow-drying process takes place for drying out the plastic litter used in the system.
  7. You can provide some setting within the system like you can either set the cleaning process to be done periodically or it can be performed as soon as the system senses that the cat has left the unit. If both the settings didn’t suit with you, then you can go with the manual mode for litter maintenance.

So these are the steps that need to be performed while working with the Catgenie Self-Flushing Cat Box.

Features of Catgenie Self Flushing Cat Box

The key features of the system which make the product all worthy are listed below.

CatGenie ReviewsThey are as follows:

  1. The first point is that the system is fully automated. The process of cleaning, scooping, and maintaining are performed by the system itself.
  2. There is no need of doing the manual cleaning while you are dealing with this system.
  3. The quality of the material used in the making is of high quality, so you can trust the durability of the product.
  4. This can be called as a scooping-free as well as the odor-free solution for your home.
  5. The SaniSolution used with this system is biodegradable in nature. Thus making it environment-friendly.
  6. The granules used here can be used again, therefore we can call them as a permanent thing here.
  7. Installation of the system is pretty easy, with system hook up with the cold water. It has got an electrical outlet here.
  8. The granules used here are washable, reusable, and completely dust-free in nature.
  9. The material used in the making of the Catgenie Cat Box is of strong built, thus this Cat Box will definitely last for a long time.
  10. This is a one-touch system, which can perform a lot of operation for you.
  11. It provides the cat with a hygienic solution with the Cat Littering process.
  12. One cartridge used here can perform 120 washes, and with the Cat Activation mode present here you can perform 240 washed in this system.
  13. And the warranties provided here include 90-days cash back guarantee. And the complete unit has got a 2 years warranty with it.

These are the main features which we observed in the Catgenie Self-Flushing system. Now we will move on to the next section where we will list out the Good and the Bad about this Litter Box.

  • The first advantage is that the unit is fully automated. Therefore less job to be done from the user’s end.
  • It is easy to use since you don’t have to change the litter in it
  • The setup of the product was easy and is also a do it yourself style
  • You won’t find any cat litter while using this product
  • Clogging issues were reported for this Cat Litter Box
  • Handling the system is not as easy as it seems

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