How to Keep Dog out of Litter Box?

Wondering about how to keep your dog out of litter box? Is it your headache? Read our guide which keeps dogs away from cat’s litter box.

This issue has been reported by many users, related to the dog using the litter box. The dogs, and especially pups are into eating the cat litter more often compared to the large grown-up dogs. There are many tips that can be applied to get rid of the dogs using the Litter Box.

There may be different reasons behind dog using the cat litter box. Some of them will include that the dog is experiencing boredom, it may also be related to any kind of compulsive disorder. Another reason will be that dog is getting some nutritive content from the food consumed.

How to Keep Dog out of Litter Box

Now the question will be Why do the dogs act like this? The main reason for this is the free roaming of the dog, and users paying less attention to their pets. All these reasons force the dogs to try out the litter products. Now, this was mainly seen in rural areas, but later this has started even in urban areas as well.

How to Keep Dog out of Litter Box

Now this severely affects your dog’s health, as well as frightens the cat and it may refrain from using the litter box again. They may feel unsafe, when they find the presence of dog near their litter box area. Also the dog may start following the cat, wishing to get fresh meal from the litter box.

The study has shown that, compared to all the nasty things in the world possible, dogs will still opt for the used cat litter. It is saddening to know, well it can be reduced if taken proper care of the cat.

Following are some of the steps that can be taken to Keep your Dog out of the Litter Box:

  1. You can install one cat door. However, this is not a permanent solution. Still, you can opt for this method, if you have got small dogs at your place.
  2. You can even put the litter box in an elevated place. This process may sound a bit weird to you, but the fact is that cat does not poop on the ground. Therefore, you can try out this method for yourself and check if this works for your cat. You can see for yourselves and see.
  3. Make sure that you keep the litter box clean, as this helps with keeping the dog away from the litter box. Also, the cat will also look out for cleaner surrounding for it to poop!
  4. Another easy way to stop your dog from eating litter is by training him not to do so. The first step in this way of the solution will be to direct the attention of your dog when it tries to visit the litter box again. Whenever you find that the dog is going near to the litter box, you can command or even throw a bouncy ball towards him. Don’t be aggressive, instead, you have to break the action he is performing.
  5. You can try creating any blockage kind of structures, so this will help with making the cat understand that there is no access to the cat’s litter box. Make sure that you do not block light or sight here, just the passage to the cat’s litter territory. Here you can set up one gate which will only allow the cat to pass through, and blocking other elements from accessing it.
  6. And the final way according to us, will be to provide a lid on the top of the litter box. This method has got many benefits with it, and some of them are less expensive in nature, flexible, and blocks the dog’s entry rightly.

So these are some of the easy to do solutions which you can try it out by yourselves. Let us know if you have tried any, and what were the results.