IRIS Top Entry High Sided Cat Litter Box Kit Review 2020

Know IRIS Top entry cat litter box reviews along with features and must know things. Read full IRIS High Sided cat litter box review of 2020.

A litter box that is also known as catbox is helpful for containing litter and urine collection for cats. One such litter box is provided by Iris that comes with open top and many other amazing specifications. In this article, we are going to review the Iris Open Top Cat Litter Box with its advantages and disadvantages.

The litter box is one of the best solutions to collect litter and provide your cat with more privacy and extra space. Many pet owners don’t allow their pets to roam outside because of fear of weather, traffic, or wildlife. For such pet owners, the high sided litter box is a reliable solution as they can use it inside their house.

Now if we talk about the Iris open top litter box, then it is an ideal choice for most of the cat owners. This top entry litter box provides an easy access for your cat to use it without any kind of a mess. Because of its open top design, your cat can easily enter and leave the litter box.

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Review

The litter box model from Iris provides your cat with a private space to do its own business. There is enough space in this litter box to allow privacy for your cat. The side walls of this litter box are built from the high-quality materials to that adds stability and strength to the litter box.

This high sided litter box comes with the top opening that makes it easy for your cat to enter the box without any difficulty. Also, the three side-walls acts as a shield for your cat that adds privacy too. These shielded pans prevent the urine and litter from scattering out of the box.

Product Features:-

  • Removable walls
    • The extra-tall walls on the side of the litter box provide privacy to your cat. These walls are also removable that helps you to easily clean the litter box without any hassle. You can quickly put the litter in the box after removing the walls.
  • Polished Interior
    • This litter box has a polished interior that makes the cleaning process easy and quick. The interior doesn’t help only in cleaning but also gives an amazing look to the litter box. Also, the molded in-rims of this unit provides stability and strength to the litter box.
  • Matching litter scoop
    • If you want to add extra litter to the box, then you can do this with the help of the matching scoop. You can clip this scoop inside the box. You will find the matching scoop with every other color that is available in this model.


  • The cleaning process gets easy with the help of the molded feets and an open top.
  • It has the molded rims that offer amazing strength and stability.
  • The high side walls prevent litter to scatter outside the litter box.
  • This litter box is available at a very affordable price range.


  • If you have a large size cat, then it may not be as comfortable as that to a small cat.
  • The liquid waste drips between the rim and the lid.
  • Also, the folded design at the bottom doesn’t allow proper scooping.

This top entry litter box from Iris has a very easy cleaning method and accessibility as compared to other litter boxes. It provides a decent amount of space for your cat to do its own business. Also, the materials used in the construction helps in increasing the stability and durability of the litter box.

The Iris Open Top Litter Box provides great features that are worth the money you spend on it. We have reviewed this litter box thoroughly, then also if you have any query. You can ask us and leave your precious feedback at Our team is always ready to assist you in every possible way. Thank you.