When do Kittens start using the Litter Box?

When do kittens start using the litter box is the major question among new cat owners. know the answer provided by an expert of the field.

Here we will begin from the time when the cat is brought home. The kitten will be around 10 to 12 weeks old after it is delivered to the home. Litter training usually, it must be started after around four weeks time.

There is no point of teaching the litter work to the cat before the four weeks age since it won’t much understand during this time. The age at which they start walking is after two weeks. Therefore it won’t reach the litter box during this period.

kittens start using the litter box guide

When do Kittens start using the Litter Box?

At the age of 4 weeks, the kitten might start playing and digging with the litter. And after some time, the kitten will start collecting the waste of itself.

This is the right time when the litter training must begin because here the kitten has begun getting the knowledge about the litter.When do Kittens Start Using the Litter Box

Here it does not mean that all the tasks related to the litter are to be taught. Begin with easy steps like, placing the kitten within the litter box, and letting the kitten play and dig the litter on their own.

how to litter train a kitten

You can teach them about this task, by scooping the litter and digging the same.

Next point to be noted here is that the kittens get the understanding of different locations next.

At this time, they learn how to differentiate the places which are only meant for eating, playing or littering. The kittens try to understand this by checking out the smell, touch, and observing what the other cat/kittens are doing.

So, now training for using this litter box has started, and at this moment cat may start to eat the litter as well.

This is similar to the human behavior, where the toddlers try to consume whatever they get in contact, and this is the easiest way of identifying the product for them.

Similarly, the kittens follow the same procedure.

And one final point to note here is especially for the cat owners. You need to make sure that the litter box is maintained rightly, and cleanliness is provided.

Also, place the Automatic litter box in a less-noisy, and secluded area. These are some of the points that should be noted for an effective litter box usage.