Perfect Solutions to Cat Pooping Outside Litter Box

Is your Cat Pooping Outside Litter Box? There might be many reasons for it. Read the solutions of cat poop outside the litter box or cat not using a litter box.

First, you need to get the reason behind the cat’s behavior. You need to get the reason, as to why the cat is not using the litter box and why cat pooping outside the litter box and around the house.

Reasons of Cat Pooping Outside Litter Box

So when you get the reason, you will be able to work and improve on pooping outside litter box

Thus, the issue can be controlled well. Some of the issues that may be considered as the reason are listed below:

  1. First reason will be related to the location of the litter box.
  2. Next may be related to the type of the litter box used, maybe the litter box is small in size. And this may not be well suited up with your cat.
  3. Some cats prefer deep litter, so if the litter is not placed with the right height, then it may be one of the reasons with cat pooping outside the litter box.
  4. Cats prefer a clean litter box, so if it is found to be unclean and stinky in nature, then there are high chances of a cat not using the litter box.
  5. The other reason could be related to the relaxing time offered to the cats. They might get exhausted, and may not be willing to a litter box. This shows that the cat requires some consistent kind of material with them, so in case of that you can use some toy or any other product which is familiar to that. Place it in the new litter box, and try placing the cat again within it. You will definitely find some change with the cat here.

Well, these are some of the reasons behind the issue of Cat Pooping outside the Litter Box. So try to understand your cat, and know what is the main bothering issue with the litter box.

Solutions to Cat Pooping Outside Litter Box

We will list out some of the easy solutions to solving out the problem and check out each solution one-by-one here.

Understand each one of them, and choose the one which you found the appropriate not using litter box

  • The first way you can get to know the cat’s level of interest by conducting one choice test. Here you need to place litter boxes in a row, with changes in the type of the litter used. Also, make use scented as well non-scented litter since there are some cats who do not prefer scented litter choices.
  • Next step that you can take here is just placing the unit away from the breakfast box since this will help the cat with understanding the purpose of using separate boxes. They will get to know that both the boxes serve a different purpose.
  • We already mentioned that the location where it is installed matters a lot, so make sure that you have set the litter box at the right location for your cat.
  • Next, you can plan some training kind of thing for your cat. During the training, you can make sure that your cat is well trained with using the litter box rightly.
  • Along with the training, you can also keep some reward like of feature. Give the deserving award to your cat for different establishments.
  • Place the litter box in the right location, and you need to set the box far away from any bully cat. Also, make sure that no other bullying animal surrounds the box while the cat is using it.

So these are some of the possible steps that you can take so that your cat uses the litter box rightly.

If you would like to go step-by-step with solving the issue, then follow the process as explained below:why does my cat poop outside the litter box

  1. Know the real problem, which is bothering the cat.
  2. Try to maintain the litter system rightly, and make sure that you clean it regularly without delaying it.
  3. If you find cat litter sprays outside the box, clean it off as soon as possible.
  4. Place a second litter box beside the cat’s litter box. The primary purpose of an additional litter box should be with regards to the convenience of the cat.
  5. Re-check the location of the litter box, keep a check on the cat’s behavior, and then act accordingly.
  6. Next thing that you can consider here is by replacing the litter box with a new one. Check if the cat is loving the new litter box more compared to the older one.
  7. Check on the type of the litter used here; different cats have got different litter interests. But generally, the cats prefer the standard, non-perfumed litter material.
  8. See the behavior of the cat, while it is with the other cats. If you find any change in behavior, then contact a vet immediately.

So, these are some of the ways you can try out for solving this Cat Pooping Outside the Litter Box problem. Hope the tips shared here, helped you rightly in bringing some solution with it.