The Luuup Litter Box Reviews of 2020 by Cat Owner

Want to know everything about Luuup Litter Box from a trusted source, read this detailed guide prepared by Cat Owner as the Luuup Litter Box Reviews in 2020.

If you have got a cat at your place, then what is the most tiring task for you? Yes, cleaning your cat’s litter is the most exhausting job. Here we are going to check on the Luuup Litter Box Reviews which is trending nowadays.

This product has been loved by many cat owners, and we would like to check on the features of the same.

The topics covered will mainly deal with the reviews of the Luuup Litter Box, and with all the necessary details for those who are planning to buy this product. Let’s get started with the reviews here.

The Luuup Litter Box for Cat Reviews

The developers of Luuup Litter Box were looking out for a solution which did benefit to the cat as well as the surroundings. In the product description, you will find the line that this system is the smartest solution with the three sifting tray mechanism used here.

Luuup Litter Box reviews

About the Luuup Litter Box

The Smartest and the Cleanest! This is what the creators of this Luuup Litter Box mention about their product. Using this product, you won’t require any scooper to do the job, simply sift the tray, and there you go!

There was a crowdfunding done for the production of this product, and the sales of the product gave the best return to the makers. The Co-Founder of this box Dini Petty is a former traffic reporter and a Canadian talk show host. She has been through different career changes in her life.

She, along with her son designed this Luuup product and kept on working on this product. They took suggestions from shopkeepers and developed the product accordingly.


The primary challenge of the company was to create a product which was functional as well as sleek in look. We can call it as a design challenge, and the engineers worked hard in the making of this product. And the final system is indeed a smart product!

Driving Force

The manufacturers undertook a lot of understanding about the issues related to the disposing work here. They asked many cat owners about the issues that they face with the cat litters. And the developers decided to create a system which is easy to use for the users and keeps the surrounding clean.


Most of all the systems designed currently have got a smart and sleek design with it. So Luuup Litter Box is made with all the available smart technologies in it

The main feature of the product is the three sifting trays given here. These trays are mainly used for the removing the pellet as well as keeping your home clean from cat poop. It has got an easy working here, and we would like to explain the complete process in brief.

The trays provided perform the steps for the littering purpose. You need to fill the box with the litter, and after the cat has done it work, you need to sift the tray and filter the waste out of it.

Then you will find the litter on the 2nd level, and you have to simply rotate the box by 180°. After this, the tray which is filtered goes in the downside area, and the next tray will be the 2nd tray placed on the system. And the same process os repeated.


In the complete Luuup setup, you will find three identical trays here. All the three trays have got sieves on them, through which the litter can be filtered. After the cat has done its job, the first tray is lifted, and sifting process is done. And the waste is thrown out in the garbage, and the same tray is shifted by 180°, and placed at the lower level.

This helps in keeping the house clean, and you could easily work on the cat litter effortlessly. If you have got this product, then you don’t have to touch the litter even again and get messy with it. Get this Easy to handle Luuup Box, and make the littering work simple and clean!


You won’t find many reviews for the product online, as this brand is not available from many online websites. If you check the official website of Luuup, then you will come across many 5-star rating reviews on it. And the overall scenario is that people love this product!

But we like to mention that, there are some customers who didn’t find the product much interesting. The reason behind that is related to the cleaning of the litter, and the size of the product.

Some users have mentioned that cats which are larger in size, cannot be easily kept within this Luuup Litter Box. This is because of the smaller dimension of the product, and in that case, the product will be of no use to the cat owners. Therefore, this system should be made available in different dimensions.

We will check out more about the product qualities, and other extra information in the following section.

Why is Luuup Litter Box Unique?

We got to know about the history of the product, and also the driving forces which led to the development of this product. In the section, we will check on the features of the Luuup Litter Box which make it stand out among all the Litter Box options.
where can i buy a luuup litter box

Some of the reasons which make the Luuup unique are listed below:

  1. The product design itself, since it has got no complex mechanisms in it. Easy to carry, and portable as well.
  2. There are three layers here, thus providing a solid base to the system.
  3. You won’t require any other accessories for dealing with the product. There is no need of scooper for cleaning the Luuup Litter Box.
  4. The system has got curved edges here, and this helps in cleaning the box quickly.
  5. You won’t require any extra baggies for dumping the litter into the garbage.
  6. You could get to use an Anti-Microbial Spill Guard for free, along with this Litter Box.
  7. The sifting tray here provides the user with the right kind of convenience with cleaning.
  8. ‘All that glitters is not gold’ proverb has been proved by this system. The appearance of the product is simple, less fancy but the machine is doing pretty well compared to many fancy boxes.
  9. You could manage the litter easily while you are working on this Luuup Litter Box.
  10. Save a good amount of time, which is mostly wasted in the cleaning process of the system.
  11. The edges are kept high enough to maintain the litter within the Box itself.
  12. Easy disposing of the cat litter, and for this, you have to just drop the filtered litter into the garbage directly.

So these are the some of the key features and benefits with using the Luuup Litter Box. Now we will check out some product details in the following section.

Luuup Litter Box Price & Discount Code

You could get the Luuup Litter Box at a decent price from their official website. The product may seem costly, but you could buy this box at a reasonable price.

Among the cost incurred, along with the product cost you will be required to pay delivery charges, which vary according to the location.

And regarding the discount code, as of now, we have no updates related to this. If there are any discount codes available, then we will surely update this section. If you wish to use discount codes for buying this product, then keep checking the information provided under this same heading.

Where Can I Buy a Luuup Litter Box

For a cat owner, it is all lovely to be able to spend quality time with their pet cat. But when it comes to cleaning the litter, they get all low with this task. Talking about the placement of the luuup litter box, it should be placed in such a way that you could clean the unit quickly.

luuup litter box dimensions

This simply means that the system should be accessible enough. And along with this, if your cat is getting weird with the new litter system, then the placement or surrounding would be the mere reason.

For buying this Luuup Litter Box, the only gateway available currently is through the official website of Luuup. Through the official internet site, you could order the Litter Box from this platform. There is one other website named Kick Starter, from where you could book one Luuup Box for your pet cat.

But again, this Kick Starter website redirects the user to the official Luuup website for Buying the product. Therefore, currently, the product is only available through the official website.

Luuup Litter Box Dimensions

The dimension of the Litter Box is given as 15.4 x 20.2 x 5.2 (WxLxH) in inches. If you have got the Spill Guard protection on it, then the height will be 7.5 inches. The height difference will be because of the Spill Guard.

Dimensions matter a lot because it is important for the user to check at this point so that the cat could use the product comfortably. So make sure the dimension matches the best for your cat. Otherwise, the litter box may get small for your cat.

Can we call it Luuup Kitty Litter Box?

In the construction of the product, you will find that there are three trays included in this. And after the cat has used the litter box, you need to just sift the tray, and remove the litter. You will find the cat litter left, just throw it away in the garbage. This is the only step to be performed for maintenance.

Yes, we can call it a Kitty Litter Box here, as it can be used by an elder cat as well as a kitten easily.

Kitty can be included in the young cat category, and now the system is also available in different dimensions. Therefore it can be used for different sized cats.

Luuup Litter Box Amazon – Is it Safe?

Amazon platform is always safe for the buyers and its support system is well known in the world. Unfortunately, Luuup Litter Box is not available on amazon. You have buy it from Luuup official website or Kickstarter.

The Luuup Litter Box is a safe choice for the home as well as for the cat health.

The reason behind is the technology used here, and this includes anti-microbial quality of the product, easy to clean for the user, and finally the Spill Guard protection. Therefore, we can be sure of the safety of the box. This will keep the home environment clean and healthy for you as well as the cat.

Luuup Litter Box vs. Fake Grass

Both the products are used for different purpose. Luuup Litter Box is solely used for handling the cat poop and litter, whereas the Fake Grass can be used as a pet mat for the cats. This can be employed for cleaning the paws of the cat after using the litter product.

Here we are concluding The Luuup Litter Box Reviews of 2020 by Cat Owner review. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the article here. If you have got any queries related to the product, then post them in the comment section provided below. Till then, keep visiting us on LitterBox Hub!